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You Can Claim Tax Relief if You Work From Home

Now that most people are working from home, without a lot of choice, it’s quite common to see some expenses increase as a result. Gone are the days of having your stationery, tea and coffee provided by your employer. There is some good news though – you can claim tax relief to help recoup some of the increased costs. How do you go about this though? And how much is it worth?

What You Can Claim

The maximum value of the tax relief that you can claim is £60 or £125. The amount that you can claim tax relief on depends on the bracket in which you pay income tax.

If you pay the basic rate of income tax (20%) then you can claim tax relief on £1.20 a week (20% of £6). This works out at £60 per year. If you pay the higher rate of income tax (40%) then you can claim tax relief on £2.40 a week (40% of £6) or £125 per year.

It is possible that the tax relief above might not cover the increase in expenditure that you’ve had to cover due to working from home. In that case, you can claim for relief on other expenses. But, you’ll need to provide evidence of the increase in expenses.

How To Claim

The easiest way to check if you’re eligible and then, if you are eligible, to lodge a claim is by visiting the government’s microsite here. It’s quite straightforward and won’t take long to complete, so if you have been forced to, rather than choosing to, work from home – you could claim tax relief of up to £125 a year.

If you aren’t sure whether your workers can claim or need a little bit of guidance – get in touch, we’re on hand to help.


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