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Working From Home & Staying Motivated

Working from home isn’t going anywhere, any time soon. For some people the challenges of working from home (WFH) were plentiful in a pre-covid-19 world. A world where you could see friends, family, go shopping, or to the gym and nightlife was more than donning your comfies and Netflixing. So, how can you make the most of WFH from now until we are back to some (new kind of) normality?

Routine Should be… routine!

Try to stick to a similar routine each working day. If it’s similar to the routine that you had before you started WFH, even better. Starting your day with a structure makes it easier to be productive later on. It might sound simple, but it’s not always easy: the temptations of snoozing your alarm until the very moment you need to be at your new (kitchen table) desk are hard to resist.

Create A Workspace

It is not easy to create a workspace if you’re in a small apartment or if you have kids running around creating carnage in their wake. Home life can be pretty chaotic, but that’s a reason TO have a workspace and to make sure there is some separation (no matter how small it is) between your home life and work life.

Get Productive

We are huge fans of to-do-lists (and adding easy tasks that we can cross of quickly). Having a list of tasks can help to keep you focused and on task. Crossing off items from a list might sound inane but it has been shown to improve productivity and can even be therapeutic!

News Isn’t Always Good

It’s easy to find yourself browsing news sites endlessly, FOMO is a real thing and news websites know it. But how much do you actually gain from reading the news during your working day? It can be a stressful experience when you live in world with pandemics and world leaders attempting to stage coups.

Plan for Life After

Things will go back to some sort of normal, eventually. We do not know when. So, try not to live your life like you’re waiting for a bus. It’s a perfect time to learn some new skills, to read books that you’ve always wanted to or to find a new (indoor/garden) hobby.

It won’t last forever, but that does not stop it being deeply challenging and difficult. We’d love to hear how you’ve been coping with WFH. Get in touch here to let us know how!