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When should you Outsource your Accounts?

Outsourcing Accounts: Inhouse but better

Accounts. A word or function that can cause deep dread, eye rolling and a great deal of frustration. But, does it have to be that way and when is it time for you to look for a ‘better’ way of accounting?

When It’s Time to Outsource

There’s no such thing as a one size fits all rule. But, it’s common for businesses to experience certain pains that push them to consider growing their inhouse accounts team or to outsource their accounts function. What are they?

  • Entering a period of fast growth

  • Director’s attention needed across too many different functions

  • Wanting better reporting to aid decision making

  • Growing staff numbers

There are, of course, many more reasons why businesses might be pushed to consider growing their accounts team or to dream of outsourcing it entirely. But why do those who pick to outsource do so and why don’t they look back?

Why Outsourcing Works

Inhouse can be inflexible and inefficient. At different times of the year your accounts team will face vastly different demands. In the lead up to the financial year end their capacity will be stretched and your team will wish they had extra staff to help take the strain. Immediately after year end, they’ll have slack time and won’t need as many team members.

Outsourcing gives you control over just how much you invest in your accounting function and different times of the year. It’s not uncommon for fixed monthly fees to apply.

Outsourcing can also save you a significant amount of time – hiring the right candidate, training staff and then scrambling to find another accountant when your star employee leaves all take a lot of time.

No more missed deadlines, no more sick day sand no more outdated accounting systems. It’s easy to see why entrepreneurs decide to outsource when the time comes. If you’d like to find out more about our accounting packages, get in touch to arrange a free consultation with one of our accounting experts.