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The Sustainable Business Tool Every Innovative Startup Needs

Technology in business has transformed the way we work for the better. We’re always looking for the next best business tool to grow as a business and as individuals. Luckily for you, we may have just found the next big thing.

Although they recently appeared on one of Australia’s most popular news platforms for tech & business, you may not have heard of this startup. The mobile app is called Contapp and they’re on a journey to making a positive impact on business professionals and the planet.

We take an in-depth look into why Contapp is one of the fastest-growing bootstrapped tech startups and a must-have for startups, business owners, sales & marketing professionals.

What is Contapp?

Contapp is the smarter and more convenient way of digitally managing & using business cards, whilst reducing paper waste globally. This user-friendly business tool works as a free digital business card, business card scanner, and also a business card manager - all in one.

As a bootstrapped startup that launched at the start of COVID in February 2020, Contapp has grown completely organically and encourages its users to be part of their continuous development.

Built for business professionals to streamline business card management, Contapp’s roadmap is exciting. Rather than being just a business card app, they’re pivoting towards becoming a personal business hub with integrations from leading software.

User feedback, data security, and saving the planet are at the heart of everything Contapp does.

The Problems vs The Solutions

Business cards, whether you like them or not, they’re here to stay. They’re usually the first point of contact when you meet someone new and one of the most effective marketing tools. But as you can agree, they come with many flaws that can cause a lot of frustration.

Below we have listed common problems with printed business cards and how this innovative startup has addressed them. Which ones can you relate to?

  • “Printed business cards are difficult to manage”

  • Contapp allows you to scan printed business cards via the app, which transforms them into digital business cards. They are then saved in a library where you can simply scroll through your collection, create custom groups, and search/filter for the right contacts.

  • “I can't find the right contact(s) in my pile of business cards”

  • As mentioned above, all business cards are saved in the interactive library. Using Contapp’s intelligent search & filter functionalities, you can search by keywords or filter via information fields (e.g. job title)

  • “Printed business cards are expensive”

  • Contapp is free! Although you get a lot of access in the free plan, there are affordable premium plans from just £1.33 per month. In the premium plans, you can get features such as unlimited business card slots. Any user can create their own digital business card for free.

  • “Printed business cards are not eco-friendly”

  • Contapp is 100% sustainable. Did you know, by switching to Contapp, we could all save 7.2 million trees every year? As a business or individual, by using Contapp, you’re making a big difference by making a small change.

  • “Printed business cards can be lost or damaged”

  • Contapp uses Cloud backup for ALL users, whether you’re on the free plan or premium plan. That means whatever device you login from, you can access your entire library.

  • “You can't amend information on a printed business card”

  • On Contapp, you can amend any information you want, at any time. You can even add hyperlinks, social media links, notes and a profile picture.

  • “Printed business cards are an old way of working”

  • By using Contapp, you can connect with different platforms and use digital benefits within the app, such as the Save Location feature (Google Maps integration) or import/export as an Excel spreadsheet.

  • “I can't share printed business cards unless we meet face-to-face”

  • Contapp allows you to share your business card with anyone in the world, at any time, on any platform - even if the other person isn’t a Contapp user. Convenience at its finest!

  • “Printed business cards are not hygienic”

  • Post COVID, no one wants to hand paper business cards. Instead, Contapp has created a contactless way of sharing business cards with 2 options: Social or Nearby.

Download Contapp for Free Today

If you’re ready to improve business card management and become more eco-friendly, you can download Contapp on iOS & Android for free. We highly recommend you to try this convenient business tool! You can also follow them on social media where they share great content and enjoy engaging with their followers: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook & Discord.

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By becoming an Early Adopter, you’ll be part of an exclusive group that will get Contapp’s Enterprise Plan (their most inclusive premium plan) for life, without regular subscription fees.

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