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Our Year in Review

2020 has been a year like no other in our recent memory, everybody has had to adapt to a new way of life on top of their usual business and personal challenges. Seamless has faced a few challenges too, but we’ve had our share of triumphs and excitement. And that’s what we’re here to share with you today! So, let’s take a look back at some of our key moments from 2020.

A Big Change in Location

Well, we only moved approximately 0.5 miles away from our previous offices in Vincent Court. But, we’ve got a huge amount of extra space for our expansion and a new co-working environment for other businesses to enjoy a shared working space. This means that we’re all ready to go for next year and any future expansion!

A New Online Presence

Keeping with the theme of exciting new real estate - we launched our shiny new website earlier this year too. We set out our brand-new stall as the business that provides seamless outsourcing services that can transform the way in which your business operates and take it to new heights. Instead of us wittering on about how great our new site is, check it out here.


At the very beginning of the year we had big plans for our outsourcing services and, while there have been plenty of unexpected hurdles along the way, we’ve managed to tick a few goals off the list. We now have the experts in a variety of fields with years of experience. Accounts, IT, marketing and co-working spaces are just some of the areas we can help you with.

Social Media Growth

Since we launched ourselves on social media across a number of different channels, we’ve been able to go from humble beginnings to over 500 followers!

If you’d like to find out more about our services and why we’re already making waves click here to visit our website or get in touch here and we can discuss how next year could be your business’ best.