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Importance of an online presence

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s fair to say technology has taken over our lives. We’re online more than ever and when it comes to our business it isn’t any different. It’s become more and more clear that having a successful business comes hand in hand with having a strong online presence. Whether you choose to use social media, a website, a blog or a mixture of all 3, having this day to day presence will only benefit your business and stop you from slipping away into the shadows…

Enhances visibility

When you want to find something out or buy something new, where’s the first place you look… Google. Every answer to any question we have at our fingertips – quite literally! Making sure your business is well established online will only boost you up the search rankings and enhance your visibility to potential customers. A key component of becoming established online is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic engine results. Content is king and is what will make your page worthy of a high search result position.

Gain new customers

That’s the beauty of having an online presence, new customers will be drawn to your business and website without you actually having to do that much. When your online presence is done right, potential customers won’t struggle to find you. By making sure your website is filled with specific and relatable content your SEO will be stronger resulting in a better search ranking. You’ll be there at the top of the Google search, ready to catch the attention of any potential customers!

Provides free marketing

Now depending on how old you are, depends on if you’ll remember the yellow pages… Gone are the days where the only option you had to advertise your new and exciting business was to pay for a section in the yellow pages that gets sent out monthly. The likelihood of people sitting through and reading every page and selecting your business could’ve been very unlikely… This is where we forget how lucky we are to have the internet as it essentially gives us the ability to market our business for free - everyday! Understandably some things you will have to pay for, such as a subscription for your website or blog, but there are other aspects you can utilise which don’t cost a penny! Social media platforms, like Twitter & LinkedIn are free and are essential in helping businesses not only market their services but also network with other likeminded people.

Keep up with trends

We’re all guilty of keeping up to date with the newest and current trends in our personal life, so why do we treat our business any different? It’s important to adapt your business as best you can to fit the trends of the online world. A great example is Instagram…Many businesses wouldn’t have even thought about setting up an Instagram account when the app first came on the scene as it was a photography platform. However, as times have changed it’s been transformed into a free market place for businesses to connect with potential customers that they wouldn’t have previously been able to reach.

Unfortunately, there’s no avoiding the online world… But don’t worry if that worries you, there are small steps every business can achieve to start to build their online presence! We advise you to start by setting up social platforms and scheduling regular content to interact with your audience. As long as it fits with your business’s values, utilising the online world can transform your business.

If you want more information about how to build your online presence, whether that’s setting up your social posts, SEO or improving your website design - get in contact today.


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