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National Lockdown & Self-Care

From Thursday England will be re-entering another national lockdown. Whether that decision was made in response to Wales’ move to stage a, rather dramatic sounding ‘Fire-Break!’ lockdown, or whether the government is lamenting it’s “Eat Out To Help Out” scheme – we may never know. But what we do know is that self-care becomes more vital than ever during a lockdown scenario.

Here’s what we learned during the last lockdown.

So What Does ‘Self-Care’ Mean?

Well, self-care is what many people call any activity that they do to look after their emotional, physical or mental wellbeing. But another way to think about it is any activity that you do that ‘refuels’ you, rather than drains you.

What Activities Could Be Self-Care?

Everybody is different and each of you may find a different activity refuels you or drains you, a lot depends on your personality. But there are some basics that will get you off to a good start and give you inspiration of where else to look:

  • Create a “No” list: i.e. A list of actions you won’t do after certain times. Here are some examples that have worked for us.

  • No screens after 9pm

  • No working through lunch because you’re busy

  • No replying to work emails after 6pm

You get the idea. Barriers that make your life easier, less stressful and easier to ‘switch off’ from work.

  • Get enough sleep and keep a regular sleep pattern. No going to bed at wildly different times each night. Research shows that 7-8 hours of sleep promotes positive mental health. This is especially true when it’s high quality sleep, click here to read about how to promote high quality sleep with good sleep hygiene.

  • Spend quality time with loved ones. Without devices. Time to connect and enjoy each other’s company. Think: a good old-fashioned board game or games in the garden if you’ve got one.

  • Take 30 minutes for yourself to relax, wind down and make it non-negotiable. If you’re always with other people and on the go constantly – a little bit of planned solitude every day can help you process your thoughts and feelings. It also makes sure you’re on top form for your work and family!

  • Get moving: Exercise has many, many well documented benefits for all of us and besides that – it is a fundamental human need: to move! Whether it’s walking, jogging or doing workouts at home – movement matters!

If you have any thoughts and ideas about how you’re going to practice self-care during this next lockdown, we’d love to hear them. Get in touch here.


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