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Move for Mind: We're taking part!

2020, a year that has been tough. It’s been a year of challenges that nobody really foresaw. We’ve all been forced to take stock and think about what truly matters to us. For plenty of us it has been a year of discovery when it comes to mental health too and prioritising self-care. The effects of the pandemic: self-isolation, being apart from loved ones, losing community, uncertainty around livelihoods and housing are all contributing in big ways to the mental health status of many people across the UK.

It Will Affect Most Of Us

Statistically, most of us will experience some kind of mental health issues in our lifetime. 1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem each and every year. 1 in 6 of us report experiencing a common mental health problem every single week. The average household size in the UK is 2.3 people, that means every other household will have somebody that is effected by mental health problems.


That’s why we’re taking part in the “Move For Mind” challenge. A challenge that we actually started last week and has us completing daily workouts, runs and walks for 30 days! We’re hoping to do our bit and raise money for the “Mind” charity. They do an incredible job of raising awareness of mental health issues and providing support for those that struggle with them.

Just £50 raised allows Mind to fund ‘Side by Side’ an online support service, £70 allows them to campaign for better mental health for us all and £100 can provide a telephone adviser for those who need the support.

You Can Help Too

If you do want to find out more about how you too can help, click here to go to Mind’s website. Registration for the challenge is open until the 31st of January! Seamless are trying to do their bit and we’ve got a fundraising page where you can read about our efforts. If you do want to donate on our behalf you can click here to go to our fundraising page.