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International Women's Day

Nearly one hundred years ago women were given equal voting rights. We’ve still got a long way to go to reach gender equality. With gender parity (where all genders are represented equally) is still more than one hundred years away according to the International Women’s Day campaign. Recent history only goes to highlight how far we have to go too: women are set to face a £100k pay gap in their pensions with men, the ongoing and slow to change gender pay gap issues, the millions of stories that lead to the #MeToo movement, the 1.6 million women that are victims of domestic abuse each year in the UK alone and many more issues, that are almost ‘culturally embedded’.

But how can you create a business where women thrive?

Recruit Effectively

If there aren’t many women in your organisation you can’t expect to create a company that represents and champions women. When recruiting think about any unconscious bias that you might bring to the job advertisement, interview process and assessments – challenge them. Try to recruit on merit alone – you can begin to do this by having assessments or forms without a ‘gender’ field and having anonymous testing.

Focus On Results

For a long time there has been a focus on attendance at work, the global pandemic has challenged this to some degree. As long as the work is done to a good standard, does it matter if you’re sat at your desk for the full 8 hours? Creating a more flexible, results focused working schedule and environment allows everyone a level playing field.

Paternity Leave

This might sound a bit strange, but there is a stigma around women taking maternity leave. So, by giving men paternity leave and encouraging them to take it, challenging any inappropriate attitudes or comments men face in taking paternity leave you create a more even playing field that pitches men and women in childcare roles. Not just women.

How do you challenge the norms and try to create a positive environment in which all of your workers can thrive? We’d love to hear, get in touch with us here.


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