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Has the way we work changed forever?

Just over a year ago we received the news that those of us that were able to, must work from home. It was unlike anything anyone had seen before.

People were packing up their work desks not knowing when they would return. Individuals were creating makeshift office spaces in spare parts of their homes not realising the duration of time that they would actually be working there for.

Although it has been a big shift and brought many positives and negatives to the way we view our working environment, it has got us questioning – has working in an office come to an end?

Work-life balance

Without a shadow of a doubt, working from home has it’s perks and this is shown with 67% of people saying their work-life balance improved when they started working remotely. Not only do employees no longer have to think about their commute, but they also manage to get this time back in their day to do certain jobs they never had time to do before. Flexibility is another benefit associated with remote working, as 32% of people said that the ability to have a flexible schedule is the biggest benefit of working remotely.

Increase in efficiency

I think majority of us can say at the beginning, the chance to work from home was something new and exciting! However fast forward a year and we may not have the same opinion. It’s a mixed bag when it comes to efficiency and productivity that working remotely has had on us, with 73% of people believing they work more efficient when working from home. Although productivity may have increased, so has people’s working hours as a staggering 65% of people are working longer compared to pre covid times. So maybe the office wasn’t all that bad… it seems it gives us set boundaries and clear switching off modes that the home office just can’t provide.

Meeting in the middle

With the road out of lockdown in full swing, many people will soon be making a return to their workspaces. However, we can see a flexible return to work being the most productive, fair and achievable route for employees. Seen as individuals have been working from home for the past year, a lot of them will argue they can continue to work this way for the long run. This may well be the case, but we can’t forget the importance of having a communal space for businesses and employees to be able to socialise, talk to one another and also collaborate on team projects together. A hybrid of working from home and working in the office will therefore give the most successful outcomes. Employees get their work-life balance and flexibility, whilst the business gets a happier and more hard-working workforce as their employees are likely to appreciate the ability to work remotely.

What’s your view on returning to the office? Are you ready to go back full time or are you leaning more towards a flexible return to work?