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Good to Know: You Can Claim Tax Relief For Your Job Expenses

As an employed worker you would be forgiven for thinking that “expense claims” fell squarely into the realm of the self-employed. Most of us don’t give it any thought, but it isn’t actually the case and in fact you may be able to claim tax relief for quite a range of different expenses that you have had to pay for to do your job.

Who Can Claim?

Just about anyone who has been working for somebody else and has paid tax in the year that they’re claiming for. The expenses do have to be for the years after April 2016, generally the HMRC don’t like giving tax relief after 4 years from the date the expense was incurred.

What Can I Claim For?

The rule is that you can claim for any expenses that you’ve had to pay for to carry out your job, that your employer hasn’t reimbursed you for and that you only use for work.

This could be anything from the list below:

  • Uniforms and work clothes: Sadly, you can’t claim tax relief on the initial purchase of these but you can pay for ongoing cleaning and maintenance of specialist clothing like uniforms and their replacements if needed etc. You can’t claim for PPE either.

  • Vehicles used for work: If you do use a personal vehicle for work, click here to find out what tax relief you could claim.

  • Professional Fees and Subscriptions: If you need to be a member of a trade organisation or professional body to work in your job -then you can claim tax relief for the fees, if you paid for them and your employer didn’t.

  • Travel and Overnight Expenses: This doesn’t cover travel to and from work, unless you’re working from a temporary location (i.e. your old office is undergoing maintenance and your employers have a temporary office for the duration of those repairs and it’s further to travel).

  • Working From Home: If you have to work from home, and it’s not a choice, then you can claim tax relief for a wide range of expenses like heating, electricity etc. but the general rule is that you cannot claim for fixed bills that don’t change based on usage, think council tax and rent.

How Can I Claim?

Well, to find out how to claim you can either contact us here and we can point you in the right direction or you can use the Government’s website here to get started. They’ve tried to make the process simple!


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