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Does your website need an MOT?

A website is (just about) vital to the success of your business. There are very few businesses today that don’t have a website of some kind and that is where part of the challenge lies: there are so many great websites out there that you can’t afford to have a bad one! But, there’s a distinct difference between having a website that acts as a placeholder and a highly effective website that drives new customers to you or inspires visitors to take action.

So, When Is It Time To Revamp?

There are a few tell-tale signs that it’s time for your website to undergo a dramatic makeover.

  • You’re not getting any visitors. A lack of traffic can be caused by any number of issues such as a lack of quality search engine optimisation or even not being listed on Google at all!

  • You’re getting traffic but no interaction. Traffic is all when and good, you’ve got eyes on your business, but without conversions – it’s meaningless. Conversions can mean different things to different businesses. Whether you’re after sales or simply queries – traffic is no good without conversions!

  • Your website is like a history tour of a time when we thought the millennium bug was going to destroy the world (i.e. it’s old). If it’s not being updated on a regular basis then you may fall behind on search engine listings or just simply repel visitors. Visitors can easily be put off by an old-fashioned website, especially if you’re offering a ‘cutting edge’ service.

  • Technical issues abound. Maybe mobile users can’t access your site, buttons don’t work, forms don’t actually send you any queries or your site loads like it’s running on a 56k modem and just takes far too long to load.

These are just some of the signs that it might be time to revamp your website and give your business a new and inspiring website. It is difficult to know where to begin with your website overhaul, but thankfully we are on hand to help.

Help is at Hand

Seamless OS can create a website that targets your ideal customers and works to convert them into loyal customers. All you’ve got to do is get in touch with us here and we will walk you through the process.


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