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Ditching the Traditional Office?

A year ago, it was a given that any business with more than a few staff members would have it’s own, dedicated, office space. Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and people were forced to quickly re-examine how they used offices and the transition to working from home became all but mandatory. This may have only been an acceleration of a process that would have could have taken place in the next few years anyway. But what happens to the office in a ‘post-Covid’ world?

Will It Be A Return To Normal?

It depends, or so the experts say. They think that it, largely, depends on which industry you work in – but, for the majority of business leaders that believe they can do better, it presents an opportunity. This could be the forward-thinking business leader’s chance to move beyond a 9-5 centric work week and on to an improved work-life balance, greater flexibility, a much larger talent pool, improved efficiencies and a happier workforce.


By keeping the best parts of the office environment: the close-knit teams and relationships, the highly effective task-force meetings, the collaboration and communication. But, doing away with the lengthy meetings that never seem to come to a conclusion, the totally inflexible working hours and styles, the geographical limitations placed on talent and the commute could reap huge rewards for many businesses.

What About Relationship Building?

A genuine concern for many is that their best business relationships have been built in person – how will we forge strong connections in the future if we don’t have a physical space to do so?

Well, we think that while the cumbersome office block dedicated to one company may have had it’s heyday – the flexible workspace could be on the rise.

It just so happens that Seamless OS have created a flexible workspace that provides a variety of dedicated workspaces, amenities and a flexible subscription model that allows you to keep the best bits of the office, without all of the overheads. To find out more, click here to contact us.


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