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Building Your Brand

You would be forgiven for thinking that building a brand is something that should be left to the industry’s big players. For smaller businesses it is just as, if not more, important to build a brand that helps you pitch your stand and stand out. After all, there are many more small businesses than large, and what makes you any different to the next small business? It’s made more challenging when you consider that many large businesses try to market themselves as retaining the values of small businesses too! Building a brand that truly identifies who and what your business is vital, so let’s get started.

The Building Blocks

  1. Who are you? What needs (rational) and concerns (emotive) are you fulfilling for your current clients? Why did they decide to work with you and why do they continue to do so? Once you know this, you can connect with a wider range of potential customers.

  2. What’s at the core of your business? What is your business trying to achieve: for it’s customers, staff and itself? The answers to these questions can help you identify how you could position your business in the market and in any communications. E.g. Are you the business that champions it’s employees and has an exceptional culture that extends to the customer’s experience or do you provide a low-cost-high-value solution that allows customers to keep their costs down?

  3. What is your business’ character? If it were a person what would its beliefs, values and goals be? This info makes up a large part of your brand’s personality. It can help you to choose the language, medium and style in which you communicate with different people.

Many companies decide to build a brand pack to have a concise and clear idea of their brand’s values and goals. But they also include more day-to-day details like colours, logos and fonts that they’ll use in their marketing. It can all seem a bit much when you just want to get your business’ name out there and start generating some new business. If you want to have some, or all, of the leg work taken care of – why not get in touch with Seamless? Our excellent marketing function works with a variety of brands (big and small) to get their business out there and have their voice heard.


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