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Black Friday: What You Can Expect From Us This Year

Black Friday didn’t start out as a day spent clicking away on Amazon to find the best deals possible so you can get all of your Christmas shopping done! Nor did it start out as a way for businesses to bump up their profits before the end of the calendar year with ‘stack em high, sell em cheap’ offers. It was first associated with a ‘boom and bust’ in gold prices that lead to a stock market crash, way back in 1869.

But now the association has changed and the phrase ‘Black Friday’ brings offers, deals and savings to our minds!

Why Are Seamless Posting About Black Friday?

Well, we wanted to share an exciting offer that we have for you: you can get a business evaluation and access to our services for one month for free. But, what could that do for you and how might it change your business?

Outsourcing can change everything. Obviously, we’re a little biased but outsourcing can have far-reaching benefits for your business.

  • Gain Expertise: By outsourcing you can gain access to experts in the function you decide to outsource. This means that, not only will you save time, but the team you work with will be highly effective and efficient, improving results across the function.

  • Expertise that scales: If your business is growing, you can scale your outsourced functions to fit your newly expanded business’ needs. If you need to reduce the size of a function you can do that too!

  • Time Saving: You’ll save time by outsourcing, sure, but you’ll gain something more important in the process. Time to think, plan, focus on core business activities and strategize with a clear mind. This can prove invaluable in gaining an edge over competitors and taking your business to the next level.

  • Cost Savings: When you’re paying for an extra service you might not think that cost savings are achievable. But you can save money on hiring and training staff, IT systems, office space and error reduction.

What our customers say

Seamless have been a pleasure to work with. From our initial consultation with the marketing team, they ensured they understood our brand and our vision for the future. They have taken control of our marketing, from setting up our social media to scheduling daily social media posts – leaving us with one less thing to worry about!

The Offer

We are offering you a free business evaluation and access to a month of our services, all for FREE. This offer will be available for you to claim on 27th of November - 30th November. Our hope is that by giving you a free month of our services you will be able to see how outsourcing can help your business to break through the roadblocks that have been holding you back, grow your business and take it to the next level. Keep an eye out on our socials to find out more about claiming this offer, all will be revealed on Friday!


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