1) How does outsourcing payroll save me money?

Outsourcing payroll saves you not only money but time as well, as we all know time is money! By outsourcing your payroll, you alleviate your business’s need to hire an in-house team. When looking at the cost of hiring a payroll manager in comparison to outsourcing your payroll to a trusted provider like Seamless you can see a clear cost saving.

Outsourcing Payroll

Cost processing per month


In house payroll manager

Cost per month


Calculation is based on a price per payslip of £7.50 with a staff of 50 employees.
Outsourcing your payroll offers your business all the merit of an expert payroll team but for a fraction cost

2) Do I lose control over my payroll when outsourcing?

Not at all, just because you are outsourcing the processing of your payroll does not mean you lose ownership or control. Your outsourcing provider should work with you to ensure the processing is carried out under your instruction. Seamless Os view our client relationships as partnerships, we align our service solutions with your businesses goals and values effectively becoming an extension of your business. We have open communication channels when processing payroll and schedule catch up meetings throughout the course of the year to keep the conversation around service and service levels going. You are always kept in the loop, nothing would happen with your payroll without your prior knowledge and in most cases consent.

3) How can outsourcing payroll benefit me and my business?

There are many benefits to outsourcing your payroll as a business, the most common benefit being cost & time saving. We have listed some of the benefits below:

  • Cost Saving – outsourcing is significantly cheaper than having an in-house team. It mitigates the requirement for your business to harbour cost such as recruitment, on-going training costs and salary expenses.

  • Time Saving – outsourcing your payroll to a provider such as Seamless will free up so much of your time and your teams time that would have otherwise been spent on the administrational side of processing. It will give you that room to breathe and focus on areas of the business you are passionate about, allowing you the time to focus on growth and development.

  • Experience and Knowledge – when outsourcing you gain access to a readymade payroll team, you have all the experience and knowledge of a high-quality payroll team at your fingertips but in a much more cost-effective way for your business. 

  • Compliance – one of the main concerns for any employer is keeping up to date with current legislation and regulation. When outsourcing your payroll, you don’t have to worry about this, Seamless Os as your trusted provider would keep up to date with any changes. We would keep you informed and ensure any updates were applied to your payroll where necessary.

4) I'm a small/medium business, is outsourcing the right fit for me?

Outsourcing isn’t for everyone however for a small to medium business it can be extremely beneficial. We would recommend doing your research and making sure you work with a provider you trust and can align their service offerings with your business.

5) How will my employees receive their payslips?

Many outsourcing providers will have different methods available, when outsourcing via Seamless Os your employee’s will be given access to a secure portal. Here they will receive their e-payslips, this is our preferred method however we can also email payslips and send via post if necessary. We do encourage paperless methods where possible.

6) Will I need to deal with HMRC if I am outsourcing my payroll?

As an employer you will still be required to deal with HMRC from time to time however this will be done under the guidance of your outsourcing provider. When outsourcing via Seamless Os we will make all the appropriate report submissions (FPS & EPS) on your behalf. We will also receive and apply any electronic notices sent by HMRC. We will acquire agent status where necessary to allow us to act on your behalf when dealing with HMRC.

7) What kind of reporting can I expect from an outsourcing provider?

Many good outsourcing providers will have a range of reports available to you, when outsourcing via Seamless Os you are given access to a whole host of reports as well the ability to create bespoke reporting specific to your business’s payroll process. Your reports can be produced at a frequency of your choosing and is something that we would discuss and agree at the onboarding stage of implementation.

8) How do I know my businesses data will be kept safe and secure?

Do your due diligence, make sure you ask your outsourcing provider what kind of data protection governance they have in place. Most providers (including Seamless Os) will have robust policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety and integrity of client data is always maintained.

9) What happens if one of my employees has a query about their payroll?

Depending on your agreement with your outsourcing provider an employee that has a query with their payroll can speak to the provider directly. When outsourcing via Seamless Os we deal with all employee queries, ensuring you are kept in the loop and can be aware of any resolutions or ongoing issues.

10) Am I restricted to certain pay dates if we outsource our payroll?

No, your provider should work with you to accommodate the payment date you have set internally. When outsourcing your payroll via Seamless Os we will discuss your payment dates during the implementation process. When all dates are agreed, we produce a calendar which is then circulated to all parties so everyone can be aware of the agreed dates. It is important to note that whenever processing is taking place there will be certain deadlines set for information to be sent, this is a completely normal part of processing payroll and all deadlines would be agreed during implementation and included in the calendar.