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Engagement is and always has been important in business, especially during this year where businesses have seen drastic changes in the way they work and engage with one another.


With remote working being pushed upon a lot of businesses, working from home may soon become part of the ‘new normal’ for most office workers. With this brings to the forefront, a serious talking point around engagement and challenges that we must think about in new ways.

Engaging a remote workforce, keeping communication open and regularly updating systems can seem like a never ending and almost impossible task. So, you may be thinking, how do you keep a workforce engaged, provide them with up to date information, payslips and guidance when they are all in different places at different times, with their own lifestyles and priorities?

The app we have developed with our client looks to answer some of these questions...

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The Stages of Development


Brainstorming & idea formation


Concept finalised & idea formation


Development & project management

We wanted to ensure we created an app that would help businesses achieve a certain level of engagement with their employees

Once we had brainstormed our ideas, we finalised our concepts and set out specifications we wanted to see within the app

Within this stag we set out how the project would be ran, setting a timeline for the development


Specification finalised

This stage enabled us to start development of the app


Development begins

Through this process we had an open communication with our client, ensuring the end product was what we desired

The End Product

White Labelling

The app will show your company logo, giving it your own personal touch


Any documents that employees require will all be in one place

World Wide

Feel part of the team and be in the know of business updates wherever you are in the world